ETS TALENT ZONE SENIORS IAS ACADEMY was found on a sole principle,That is to provide a complete guidance to those young minds that strive to enter into the bureaucratic setup,not for their personal gains but to service the common man.Since its inception in 2003 the institute has helped ample number of candidates to reach their dream. The teaching Faculty of the institute is the real strength behind the achievements we made within the short span of time. Our faculty members are young and dynamic.They have good experience in the examination process and hence can empathize with the needs of the aspirants and thus prepare them for the examination.To provide quality teaching and proper orientation in each subject the General Studies experts in the specific subjects handle them.

We also organize guest lectures by the toppers in the civil services Examination. Our coaching programme include frequent tests which are compulsory.Tests are conducted for both the Preliminary as well as the Main Examination. As part of the coaching for the Preliminary Examination about 40 objective type tests are conducted.These tests are aimed at familiarising the candidates with the scheme of the examination and train them to overcome the practical difficulties they face during the examination. We offer coaching in General Studies and the Optional subjects- Public Administration, Sociology, History, Geography, Political science and Tamil Literature.


The Mission & Objective of this proficiency Certification Programme is Enable young Developers to explore their educational philosophy in a safe and supportive environment.The training at ETS TALENT ZONE SENIORS IAS ACADEMY aims in developing the required skills that turn graduates into employable assets.


Our primary objective is to create needed awareness in the aspirants about the civil services Examinations and provide them with a proper and focused guidance. The system of examination calls for a completely new orientation, which is entirely different from the traditional University-type examination.

A candidate who is fresh graduate is likely to face with certain problems such as He may not be able to comprehend clearly what is expected of him to qualify in the civil services Examination. Selecting the right optional subjects suiting both his personal aptitude and the chances for securing higher marks. Choice of the right books to successfully clear the Examination. Developing his Writing abilities that is, the capacity to write a long analytical and imaginative essay in an impressive style, formulate and present his answer in the most direct, logical, constructive and analytical manner highlighting the central and salient points.

Developing his personality to display the possession of an amicable, cheerful and optimistic outlook towards life. We as a professional educational institute, specializing in the UPSC/TNPSC aim to provide the candidate well analyzed and suitable guidance to overcome the problems and develop the required skills to shape his career keeping in view the difficulties as candidate is likely to face. Keeping the above as the criteria, we have been following and striving to improve upon our system of guidance in such a way that it would bring out the best in a candidate.

Our Features

  • Professional management with 6+ years of Industry expertise.
  • An ISO Certified Company
  • Supportive working environment among department members
  • Good computing environment (labs and server).
  • Well defined program assessment (including program objectives, ourse learning outcomes, and instruction assessments).
  • Developed many software projects, which has tremendous market potential.
  • The initiatives of the proficiency Certification Programme is
  • Training program would be completely practical.
  • ETS provides the best Training in Erode for cse, it, ece, eee, mechanical and civil engineering students.
  • The professional certificates with ISO 9001:2008 certification awarded by us to the students are highly recognized by many recruiters.
  • Our certificate will be prove its value during placements.
  • On-Campus and Off-campus guidance and support will be provided.
  • Postmodernism. Involve the students, build a relationship with students, go out of my way for students.
  • Hands on teaching - practice skills
  • Individual attention & responsiveness. Hands on projects.
  • The students know what is expected of them and what they need to do to succeed.
  • Training materials as per syllabus will be provided as soft copy
  • Registration with initial Payment
  • Required Document(address proof) and Photographs for Registration
  • After registration complete their payment with 3 dues
  • Training
  • Conduct minimum 2 hours of training with practical and theory Evaluation
  • Authorities evaluate the students learned skills by submitting projects
  • Course Material
  • Provided as soft copy as per syllabus
  • Certification
  • Provide ISO registered certificates after evaluation & for successful students
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